Ahoy there!

On Monday, I took the day off and Tara and I went boating!

It was all Tara’s idea, and it was an awesome one. I’ve never really been boating. I’ve been on boats, but never really driven one.

We packed up the car and the dog and went down to PickerelBay to rent us a pontoon boat. While expensive, we thought it would be the best for us. It gave a lot of room to move around and was the least likely to tip over because, well, let’s face it, I’m a little bit of a clutz. That, and we had the dog.

It started out as a lovely day on the water. We got on the boat, headed out to sea* and just loved the wind in our faces. We stopped off a little later for lunch. It was nice to just park the boat, let it drift a little, and eat and enjoy our surroundings.

After lunch, we boated. We just went, no real direction(although trying to remember our bearings so as not to get lost) and just loved the idea of being in a boat. I think I have a greater appreciation for why my Dad goes fishing. It was so nice and calm out there. Nothing to do but be.

We stopped off again and sat with our feet in the water. This was great until the black flies showed up and bit Tara. And me. So we boated off again. But we soon realized that, everytime we stopped, the flies would show up. We wondered if they could just smell the water on our feet. So we just puttered along at a leasurly pace.

And this was fine until we spotted the rain clouds on the horizon. And the rain wall that was coming towards us.

Throttle up!

And we zoomed(as much as a pontoon boat can zoom) towards the marina. But not until we were totally soaked.

It did cut our day short, but we vowed to return. Maybe with friends next time. There was plenty of room, and we think we could pack about 10 people on that thing. Not sure if you would want to do that mind you, but there’s room.

Or, we could just buy our own. It’s on our ever growing list of things to get now 🙂

*actually, it’s a lake, and an enclosed one at that I think

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