All nighter pt2

OK, so Carleton U is doing this All Night Anime thing and I think I’ll go.
Seems that it’s a sort of mini convention, with more things to do than just watch anime.
Like Anime North, only much smaller, and 15 hours long ^_^
Will probably suck just as much, but it’s only $12, and it’s something to do.
I’ll bring the trusty camera along, just in case something cool happens.
It won’t.
But then again I might get some writing done. I know I’m not fooling anyone but myself, but it’s possible.
Besides, they’re playing “Junkers Come Here” and I wanted to see that. Not to mention Millennium Actress
Movie, which I rented, but never saw. So there’s actually stuff to do, and the parking is free, which actually swayed it into the realm of, Yea, I’ll do that.

So I buys a book on Linux Security, actually, I nearly bought a whole shit load of Linux books, bastards at Computer Books For Less were having a sale, but anyway, it’s the Linux Security Cookbook, and I think it’s something that will be worth a read. I know I’m just throwing our bait to hackers at this point, but whatever, they can’t do me more harm than they already have. Even if they wipe the whole system, the shit’s backed up and I don’t loose much, or nothing that can’t be replaced in a matter of hours.
But I digress, I think the book will be cool because it’s laid out in a Problem/Solution sorta way. Here’s the problem, here’s how ya fix it, here’s the next problem, etc.
Probably not a lot of theory, but real preactical knowledge. That’s what I need. No patience for much else.
Makes you wonder why I got into computers in the first place. Makes me wonder.

I also nearly bought photoshop books, but they were pricey and I don’t think they were what I was looking for. Besides, I think I can find that sort of thing online for less ^_^
Spekaing of which, I think I’m gonna go play with that right now.


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