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Wow, it’s been over a week since I last posted anything.
Well, what’s happened since:

-Went to a surprise party for Mike, that was cool, he was actually surprised!
I swear, there were like 20 people there, and food for 100! So many leftovers. Lucky me, I got to take some home!

I think that’s it really. This weekend, I plan to do NOTHING!
I’m not going anywhere, I’m not going to work, gonna sit on my fat ass getting fatter.

Actually, I’ve also been biking. Well, I went once and I plan to go out again tonight.
I bike to and from work, just not during work hours. It’s about 30 minutes of outside biking which is nice.
My plan is to bike to and from work during work hours, but right now I kinda want to work up to that…as it were.
That, and I have to return everyday this week, and next week I think, maybe the week after as well, at lunch to walk the dog.
That in itself is a little bit of exercise, but not a whole lot.
Unless she runs away, then I have to give chase, and I tell ya, it’s like a turtle chasing a sports car….

Scott picked up City of Heroes, and apparently Jen was mad for about 2 minutes until she realized that she could create her own character.
Finally, someone to play with…as it were. Mind you, Scott is still level 2, and I’m level 12, so there’s not a lot that we can do together, but maybe I’ll make another character on a different server and we’ll both start fresh there.
Could be fun.

Anime North is quickly approaching, and I just can’t wait!
Well, I suppose I can wait a little bit, since I really have no choice….

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