Almost done

Dog training that is.
At least the basic course.
Next week are the ‘finals’ but that’s just really a test to see if the dogs are ready for the advanced class.
I don’t think mine is.
It’s not that she’s really disobedient, she just lacks focus.
She knows how to do everything, it’s just hard to get her focused to do it.

She’s also a bit of a card.
We were doing a long down stay, and while the instructor was talking about the different dog breeds having different intelligence, Qanuk was inching along the floor from one interesting spec of something to another.
She never actually got up, so therefore wasn’t breaking the down command.
This was duly noted by the instructor, and the class got a kick out of it. ^_^
Yea, she’s special.

But I have a better idea of what needs to be worked on, and we’ll spend this week doing that.

I’m not worried about next week, I wasn’t planning on going into the advanced class just yet anyway.
I think she’s improved greatly over the last 7 weeks, and more training over the winter will do us both some good.
Then maybe the advanced course in the spring.
It’s all the same stuff, just off a leash.

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