And a one…

Ring Ring (well, actually, it’s Breakin’ the Law, but you get the idea)

Hi, this is X from Rogers Home Phone, is X there? (no, neither his name nor mine are X)
Yes, I’m X
Hi, I’d like to offer you a great deal on Rogers Home Phone where you’ll save $60 ($10/month)
Whoa, let me stop you. My ISP doesn’t support Rogers Home Phone.
Oh really?
Yea, I use a DSL service and
Sorry, I don’t understand, DSL, what’s that?
It’s high speed internet through the phone lines
So you’re using VOIP then?
No, not VOIP, it’s an internet service through the phone

….Bell offers high speed internet through the phone lines. You guys do it through cable and they do it through the phone
Oh, you’re talking about Sympatico!
Well, a service like Sympatcio, but it’s a different provider
Oh, we support all high speed internet
Well, not mine. Look, I went through this a couple of months ago, trust me, you guys
What’s the name of the service?
Yes, Magma Communications
Let me check with my supervisor, but I’m sure we support Magma. Hold for just a moment and I’ll go check with them
Yea, sure, you go do that
(on hold)
(I hang up)

1. Since you don’t know what DSL is, odds are you’ve never heard of Magma
2. Since you’ve never heard of Magma, I doubt your supervisor has
3. Since it wasn’t Rogers that wasn’t compatible, it was Magma, what’s the point of talking to your supervisor


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