and I’m out

Missed a day. Even forgot that I could cheat with twitter. But I missed a day regardless.

I could tell you that I have a good excuse, but it’s a decent excuse at best.

See, for the longest time, Tara and I didn’t have a real phone line. Or at least it feels that way. Tara had a work blackberry that she could make all her long distance calls on and all was good. Then Tara changed jobs, we dropped Vonage(because it sucked) and had the need for a phone line with good long distance.

So we went with Primus, because at $50, it had it all. We’ll see. Anyway, because we didn’t have a real phone line, we had a dry loop dsl. But now we have a real phone line, it changed from a dry loop…which killed the dry dsl, which killed the internets!

Or at least our internets. And I called today,  and I’ve been told that it will take 5 days to resolve.

5 business days. Without the internets. This could go poorly.

I’ll keep you updated…via twitter. Or at least at work.

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  1. Jim

    And I laugh in your general direction…


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