And the winner is….

Drum roll please…..

An XBOX 360!

Yes, that’s the decision that was kinda made for me as a birthday gift.

This year I had a really hard time deciding on what I wanted, because, for the most part, the price point was high enough that there was a ton of stuff that fit into it, and I couldn’t make up my mind to save my life.

So we put everything into a hat, and I chose, and whatever I chose I had to accept. So it’s the xbox.

The advantage here is that I have a few friends with xboxes and I can borrow their games 🙂

Also, it’ll act as a media center so I don’t need a big ugly computer sitting down there.

Now to go and find a good deal on the xbox and I’ll be golden.

Right now Dell has the Pro system going for $330, and that includes an extra controller. Both wireless, so that’s cool 🙂

Now to see how to stream video to it. But it can’t be that hard….right?


  1. Matt

    My bet is you blow it up within one week.

  2. SideKick

    Naw, I suspect it’ll last longer than that.
    I’m not going to try and mod it or anything, I don’t have the money for a new one if I blow it up 🙂

  3. Centurion

    Oh hells yeah! Now we can play bideo games together!

    Hook me up when you’re hooked up. Me gamer tag is ‘Sir Kimcision’.

    1. SideKick

      I sent in a request, from SideKickCa, and now I should probably go out and buy some games eh?


  4. ·

    Congrats and a Happy Birthday to boot!

    If you’re looking for a media center app (I’m hopelessly out of step with the game console world, so the XBox could come with something really slick already, but…) you should try XBMC ( … If you haven’t already.

    (I’ve got it running for kicks on my machine… which is anything but a media center… However, it’s pretty cool…)

    You can create your own games too! (

    [A modern version of Hunt the Wumpus would be great!]

    1. SideKick

      I played around with XBMC on a PC and it works nicely, especially when you change the default theme to something a little zippier.
      But that would mean having a PC down here, as well as a wireless mouse/keyboard, etc.
      But the XBOX does pretty much this already.
      The idea is that if you want to stream to your TV you need Media Player 11, but I’m using tversity and it’s installed on the pc with the video and the xbox picks it up nicely and the playback is very good over a wireless connection.
      So all and all rather cool 🙂

  5. Centurion

    Oh yeah. I can donate my Rock Band 1 disc and drum kit to you, if you’d like.


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