And this is why I left Bell

Got my final phone bill today.
On it there are two charges, for presumably the same thing, both for $35.
One I knew about(home wire protection plan) and the other I assumed was a mistake.

Well, it wasn’t a mistake. Apparently when I signed up for the wire plan, they signed me up for the phone protection plan as well.
I didn’t ask for that.
But it was the same day.

So I tell her this, and she starts arguing with me as to why I’m just disputing this today when it’s been on my bill for so long!
So long meaning since the 7th of June.
The day I signed up for the one(and only one) protection plan.
We argue for a bit, and I get fed up and ask to speak to her manager.
She puts me on hold.
Then on hold again.
Then she tells me that there’s no manager, and tells me she’ll drop the charge(fucking right she will).

This is why I left Bell.
Oh, and I have two LD charges, one from my plan, and one from a “system access fee”.

This is also why I’m on PC for my cell phone. No BS charges.

Edit: The fact that there are deactivation charges in the first place is BS. If I thought it would get me anywhere, I would call and dispute those as well. I should…really really should.

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