Anime North!

I’m looking around my room trying to figure out if I’m forgetting anything for Anime North.
I’m so excited that I almost didn’t sleep last night!
Then my body decided for me that it was time to sleep and I slept.
So, no updates during the weekend unless I find some place that will let me connect, then I’ll update, but it’s not likely.
I’m bringing the mighty digital camera and I’ll get pics of stuff and things and then post them Sunday or Monday, whenever I remember to ^_^So have a good weekend all and I’ll be back Sunday night!


  1. aelfric websavvy

    Just like to point out that your ‘Main Index’ link is very very very wrong – go look at where it points to.B.

  2. SideKick

    Yea, noticed that. Does it actually go anywhere?


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