Anime North Day 1

The drive from Ottawa wasn’t too bad. I figured out how ot properly attach my wiper blades so that they wouldn’t fly off when I needed them the most.
This, was a good thing.

Got to the Con, signed into the hotel and made a bee line for the registration. There was almost no line.
I was wondering if I had missed the con somehow. There’s always a line.
I think this year they did something a little smarter(about time really); if you we signing up then and there(as opposed to pre-reg) then while you were standing in line they passed around a clip-board where you could register yourself.
Smartest idea evar!
Got to the front of the line, handed the sheet and my cash to the dood, and off I went. Smooth as silk.
If they keep this up I may never pre-reg again. Mind you, if you catch it early enough, it does save you some cash, and that’s good.

Met up with and the gang, and we moved stuff into the hotel room and then sat around for a little while waiting for other people to show up. Not to mention we also figured out what it is we wanted to see this year.
I of course was wanting to see the AMV(Anime Music Video) because I was a finalist(more on that later), but there were some other panels that I wanted to check out as well. This is a big step from the previous years where there is hardly anything that I feel I wanted to do.
Maybe after 10 years they’re starting to figure some stuff out.
But it could just be me.

After chilling in the pad, we wandered over to the main con and had a look at the line for the dealers room. Hell no. It was stretched outside the doors. Not waiting for that. Mostly because I knew that it would be mucho easier to get in after about an hour.
And it was ^_^

Wandered around the artist ally, which I think was much larger this year, and therefore looked kinda empty. Also hit the art display, but that was mostly empty.
Met up with other folk and then snagged something to eat.

Finally, we wandered into the dealer room, and it wasn’t as crazy as I thought it was.
This year there seems to be the lack of cool little things. However they do have a Full Grandizer set that is reasonably priced, and that’s weighing heavily on the brain right now. $_$
I did pick up a stuffed Zaku, and that makes me happy. ^_^

Sought out and of course found her. For some reason I thought she would be closer to the entrance. She wasn’t, but wasn’t far off either.
I gave her the gift of water, and she seemed genuanlly happy to accept it. I also had some Wasabi chips, I might try to find these in my neck of the woods.

The AMV started late, and this was no great surprise to anyone.
Previous to that they had the cos-play skit contest, and this really bad homage to a Japanese boy band. It had been mentioned that they had been working on this for a year, but I think most of that went into the costumes.
It was a comedy of pain.
They weren’t coordinated, couldn’t sing, and just didn’t go away.
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t do that kind of thing, but I would like to think that, after spending a year, it wouldn’t look thrown together at the last second.

Right, so the AMV finally started.
I think my video was either the second or third shown. The downside is that, there was only one other video that used FF7 as it’s base, so the parody bit of mine was kinda lost.
All in all, I thought the videos this year were better than last year. And there was this interesting one where the guys made it look like a moving manga, rather cool all things considered.

However, the awards at the end were a little long. They felt the need to talk about the mood and meaning behind the videos. Maybe that’s why I didn’t win anything, I had no meaning. It was funny, I think that’s enough ^_^

After all of that, we hobbled back to the hotel and played some GC for a little bit, then all crashed.

Tomorrow morning is the Cartoon Bonanza, that should be fun ^_^

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