Anime North Day 2 pt 1

Work up extra early for the Saturday Morning cartoon thing.
Well, we woke up too early, but had time to grab some grub and wander to the hotel(other hotel).
Since we had so much time, we checked out some of the videos that I beat. I still thought one or two were good, but I’m glad I beat them ^_^

Then the cartoons. In the past, when I’ve been up early enough to check these out, they would either play some really old school stuff(like Iron Man 28) or some stuff that’s on in Japan but I haven’t seen yet(not hard to do these days).
But no, they played Digimon Savers, and that’s all they played. Well, I assume that’s all they played as I walked out after the third episode was starting.

Then we wandered into the dealer room(we spend a lot of time there) and did dealer room things. I’ve been checking up on to make sure she’s fed and watered. Apparently it’s been crazy busy there, and that’s good.

Off to meet up with other folk, view some “fresh new anime” (mostly suck) and checked out the VG Cats things.
Before the panel opened, there was a line forming, and so we entered the line. Then a second “less official” line started to form, and of course the staff were powerless/clueless to do anything about it. Oh, they knew about it, but refused to actually do anything about it.
Good to know that some things never change 😛
The VG Cats thing was rather fun, and Scott seems like a really nice guy. Even when he had to answer the usual stupid fan questions. I’m sure he’s loving this.

Ran out go get some greb(less then steller Indian Buffet) and then back to the hotel.
I checked on , and this time grabbed her water and coffee.

Now, sitting in a hotel room wondering what the heck to do.


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