Anime North Day 2 pt2

I really should have written this last night, but kinda had to crash hard.

I think I left off with dinner and loafing about. We did that.
We then popped over to the official hotel and bascially waited for things to happen. See, the Masquarde was supposed to start at 7 or 8(can’t remember), but of course it was delayed due to something else going on.
During this time we(the photo people) get told that we’re at the wrong end of the building and have to move everything. So everyone pitches in and we get the stuff moved and organized at the other end of the building. Not too bad really ^_^
Well, almost.
During our setup there was a man-down or child missing or something like that. We were all told to sit on the floor and not move while a bunch of security geeks ran around sounding important.
We didn’t fully listen to them, and sneakily continued to setup the photo area.

By the time things got started, I think it was about 9. Or maybe 10. 10 is very possible.
It went pretty quickly mind you. I think they were rushing people up and off the stage. There was a giant GIR and looked rather well done, but alas he didn’t want his picture taken since he was pretty much blind in the costume.
Not to people making really big costumes: Make eye holes!

Anyway, after all of that, I met up with the usual suspects and we headed back to the room.
Watched 4 episodes of GunxSword, and that was pretty cool.
Right after that I crashed pretty hard. I think if I was doing something other than reading subtitles I would have lasted longer, but that’s just the way it goes.

Sunday, there’s only one or two things that I want to check out, and I’m gonna see if Manga is cheap.

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