Anime North

The good news is that is getting married on May 24th.
The bad news is that’s the same weekend as Anime North.
I guess since I’m in the wedding party, it would be crass of me not to show up to the wedding 😉

I guess I’ve been going to AN since 2000. That would have been the first year with the car.
Cent and I went to CN Anime one year in college. I thought that it was Anime North at the time, turns out it wasn’t.

The first year I went alone. Not sure why, it might have been a spur of the moment thing. But I managed to get a hotel room, so it couldn’t have been too much spur.
It was alright. I attended some panels, bought a lot of stuff, and generally had a good time.
The next year was with friends though.
and I decided to go, and that’s when I met .
We slept at his uncles place(at least, I think that’s where it was).
A good time was had by all, although I can’t really think of anything that stands out.

That’s when it was rather small and in a small hotel.
The next year we all gathered together again, and this time it was in a much larger hotel.
Can’t remember where exactly, but it seemed nearly perfect for it.
Large rooms(mostly) and a great space for videos, dealers, masq, etc.
And generally easy to find things too. And, the best part, all in one location.

It stayed there for a few years, but grew again. Now it’s split up into three locations(I think it’s still three).
Not that I go to that third location as it’s far enough away to make it annoying, and generally not worth it.

Currently, it’s at the TCC and the hotel across the street from it.
It’s also getting about 10,000 people each year. That’s not a small number for a fan run convention.
And that’s a problem. It’s fan run, and it really should have some pro’s at the top to make it run a little more smoothly.

When we were all at Otakon, the one thing I noticed was how well everything was being run. Smoothly.
The security/con staff were actually helpful and friendly. I never wanted to throttle any of them.
Sure, the schedule got messed up a little, but that happens. People cancel at the last second, they’re late, etc.
And for the most part, that was handled well. Outside every con room was the current list of events for that day. So you could make a quick round and see if something was going to actually happen that day/time.
It’s little things like this that AN needs.

Granted, I don’t go to any of the panels at AN. There’s nothing going on that interests me. Well, very rarely.
But the point is, it’s not as well organized as it could be.
As it should be by now.
It’s getting better, and every year I see that.
Just a little.

The security staff on the other hand are probably worse each year.
This is what happens when you assign a bunch of power hungry basement living guys a security role.
They take it a little too seriously.
People are there to have fun, and get out of the house(basement). They’re gonna act up a little, but I have yet to see an actual fight.
Just because people are running too and fro, doesn’t mean you have to yell at the top of your lungs to settle them down.
They’re not going to listen to you anyway.
You’d be surprised what a few simple hand gestures can accomplish(no, not that one :P)

Now that I know more people on the inside, I can appreciate how much work it takes to run one of these things.
Even just events, like a dance, take a lot more work that I expected.
But that’s where a couple of pro’s, people that do this for a living, could help out.
People to properly organize, and get time tables sorted out.
People to keep other people on time. I think that’s what’s needed most.

One day they might. Hell, after 16/17 years, I think AnimeExpo finally got some pro’s to help with the backend stuff.
Anime North might need a little longer 😉

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