Another week

Since I’ve finished all 5 seasons of the Sopranos, I’ve decided not to watch TV(after work) all this week.
That includes DVDs, and anything that I’ve downloaded.
I’ve watched enough.

I watched all 5 seasons in a little over 2 weeks. That’s a lot of TV. That’s a lot of not doing much else.

Joined Costco last week, and already bought myself a freezer. It was on sale for $139, when every other store had it for $199. So my first big deal ^_^
Also, wandered about looking at everyday things(shaving stuff, deodorant, rice, etc) to see if I would save anything there. I’ll do a price compare at Loblaws today.

And my Pella oil extractor just shipped! This’ll make oil changes so much easier.
This was ordered from Jerry B. Leach Co..
Normally I wouldn’t mention where something was ordered from(because I’m sure most don’t care) but it’s the following email that I received that really made my day:
Unfortunately we are temporarily out of the Pela 6000 & Pela 650 oil extractors.
I called on 07/05/06 to see when they are going to be here and was told that it would be the end of the July before they would arrive.
There has been some kind of hold up in “customs”. I wish that there was more that I could tell you, but I don’t know anything about “customs”, but if you would like to cancel your order, we’ll understand.

We just didn’t want you to be wondering where it was at and what happened to your order. Your credit card won’t be charged until the day that we are able to ship your oil extractor.

Please let me know if you would like to keep your order or if you would like to cancel.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this delay may have caused you and have a GREAT day!
Nobody does this anymore, and people wonder why we bitch about customer service.
They could just have easily delayed the order, and to be honest, I would have been none the wiser.
But no, they took the time to tell me(and this doesn’t look like a form letter) that it would be delayed.

They. ROCK!

So, if you need an oil extractor, then I would suggest buying from these folks. ^_^

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