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1.Okay, first off… how’d you tabulate your comment results?

-I cheated, much like everyone else 🙂 is the place to get the stats.
Basically you have to be logged in, then do some stuff, save a page, and then copy/paste.
It’s actually too easy 🙂

2.Other than that, what do you recommend in the way of sushi?
-oh my where to start 😉
Well, I started with simple things. Tuna and tempura shrimp are easy.
Next move to some salmon, then try the eel(get the rolls, not the stuff on the rice).
Once you’ve stomached all of that, then go nuts. Try stuff/combinations that you haven’t tried before.
For the most part, the “spicy” sushi isn’t 😉
Stuff with tempura bits are always always tasty.
Also, each sushi place I’ve been too has their way of doing things, and also a dish that isn’t likely to be anywhere else.
Sushi Kanata(which I still think is the best in Ottawa) has a Spicy Salmon Tempura that’s killer!

How one eats their sushi varies as well. Some people, like

, loads a lot of wasabi in his soy sauce and invariably ends up with a large surprise chunk. 😀
I stayed away from it at first, but put some in later.
If it’s something new, then I try it without anything on it.

Food experimentation is always fun.

With the eggs, try something with them. I can’t eat a single scrambled egg unless it has either cheese or ketchup on/in it. I now have 2 eggs and cheese everyday for breakfast. Can’t get enough 🙂
Also, add a little cream in there when you’re scrambling.
Just my 2cents.


  1. thinkschematwo

    Hey, cool on the stats! Easy enough.

    As to the sushi — many thanks!

    I agree with the “if I don’t like it without dressing it up, I don’t like it” school of thought. Then adding things makes sense.

    [I do find that things I initially disliked have a tendency to come up as cravings later on… Sometimes years later…]

    I’m good with tuna, shrimp and salmon as it stands now, so that does sound like a good approach. Thinking about eel weirds me out a bit (but so did the thought of even the smallest chunks of Calamari…).

    Wasabi is the legitimately hot stuff right? (I like spicy, but there’s always that fine line…)

    [A lot of this comes from watching Iron Chef America and seeing people eating giant bug shrimp (not the technical term) and bird brains… The obvious question being why… and how do they do it with such gusto.]

    On the egg… Yeah, I’ve thought more omelet style might work. The thought of a fried or boiled egg is still beyond me at this point. (I tried a whole lot of pepper and some cayenne… with ketchup, and still came up largely empty… Then again I missed the part of where you’re not supposed to stir immediately, so I got some mighty small chunks..) I also thought of using salsa (seem to recall hearing that somewhere before)… That might work.

    Oh, saw a beer can chicken on “the Next Food Network Star” finally and thought of you guys! Looked kind of nifty!

    Thanks for the guidance on sushi. Now to find a half way decent spot to experiment. I’m tempted to try the kiosk at the mall, figuring they’ve been there long enough to be relatively good at what they do — that or I’ll appreciate good sushi when I come across it. 🙂

    (There’s another spot in town, but I’ll NEVER get Robin to try it… unless they’ve got something else on the menu…)

  2. olletho

    My opinion only here not Sidekick’s

    Wasabi is weird, it’s not hot like peppers, it’s hot like mustard or horseradish, different sensation, and it’s only really hot if you use too much then your ear wax will melt but the pain passes quickly unlike hot peppers. Eel is BBQed and tastes like chicken so it’;s actually pretty harmless but it’s exotic if you think about it. Mackrel well done tastes like super somkey bacon and is the awesomest thing ever, doen badly and it’s just strangely oily.

    And don’t go to the mall kiosk…. mall kiosks are generally dont by Suishi-Q or Sushi Benito and are okay for what they are but they are to sushi what Harvey’s is to Poutine, it will srcatch the ich if you crave it but it’s not really the real thing. (this coming from someone who had just kiosk sushi for lunch) It tends to have been sitting there for just long enough the rice is too cold and dry and the individual flavours are started to blur with their neigbours the nori isn’t quite crisp anymore….. when you really want sushi it will do the trick much like a quick shag in a closet will get you through a rough day but it’s no way to loose your virginity.

    Eggs, I think eggs and salsa is awesome myself, I think eggs and ketchup is on the extremely short list of things I will never ever eat. Ew. All you end up with is a plate of lumpy ketchup.

  3. thinkschematwo

    Many thanks!

    (I appreciate the likening of wasabi to horseradish… I’ve been on the “overdone it” end of that, so I can appreciate the transition from “kill me now” to “I survived it”. Good to know!)

    Yeah, I went looking for information on the sushi spots in town. Toro Sushi gets a decent write-up (, but Oishii Sushi is poorly covered. It looked like it might have been a chain, but it looks like it’s probably just Oishii is commonly applied to sushi…

    I figured it’s a “fast food” equiavalent (but also more likely to be what I can get to easily…).

    [I should check the “real deal” first though.]

    The thoughts on eel and mackerel are comforting!

    (I also heartily agree on eggs… They should be the core of the dish if they’re going to be eaten… Makes me want to avoid Tofu too…)

  4. flying_squirrel

    When I’m down for Thanksgiving, I’ll take you out to one of the other sushi restaurants in Belleville. Not that I can promise they’re any good, but I’ve been meaning to try them myself… I can give a bit of in-person ordering guidance at least, even though I’m not the biggest sushi fan in the world…

    If you ever wanted to meet up in Toronto or Waterloo, though, I could give a bit more assurance on the quality of the experience…

  5. thinkschematwo


    Sounds good!

    I saw that one on Dundas on the way to work today. (I don’t usually go that way, that explains missing it. All you can eat! I’m not sure that screams quality to me…)

    Toronto and Waterloo aren’t in my immediate future, but I keep imagining that some day I’ll take a vacation that doesn’t involve a child being born, a move, or some other time consuming (but necessary) activity…

    (Thanks for stopping by! Not sure what got into Charlotte, but it was still a good visit.)


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