So I’ve had to stop and start the newest version of Apache twice now, within as many days. It seems that the Windows version isn’t fully stable yet. That’s not a huge surprise really, the Windows version has never been as stable as the Linux version. But the last one wasn’t too bad.
Maybe XP just doesn’t like it?
Who knows, I’m not too worried about it.
I also think that Beta 3 of Mandrake 9 is worse than Beta 2. I’ve installed both on the same PC, and Beta 3 seems MUCH slower. Who knows?
It might be the SCSI HD, but I’m sorta doubting it.
I’ll re-install Beta 2 on the same HD and see what happens.

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  1. aelfric the uncaffeinated

    Aren’t they up to Beta 4 now? I tells you, Slack is the way… come with me to the dark side…


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