Appleseed: Ex Machina

Just finished watching, and I have to say, while I liked it, it wasn’t very much like Appleseed.
That’s kind of a weird thing to say I guess.

I’ve been a fan of Appleseed for as long as I can remember, and while this had all the characters and tech of Appleseed, it was very much not an Appleseed movie.
That really didn’t help 🙂

It was produced by John Woo, so it was a John Woo film set in the Appleseed universe.
Maybe that’s better.

It’s good. The action is great(unless you’re not a Woo fan) and the pacing is wonderful.
It was just a little too over the top. Deunan and Briareos were just too good. Too powerful.
I mean, they’re great cops(ESWAT) but they’re not super human. OK, Briareos is, but he has an excuse 😉

So yea, liked it, liked it enough to buy it(I knew I would anyway) and I’m interested to see if they do something like this every few years.
I suppose the world and background is large enough to do a lot of stories.

Maybe get some different producer/director combos, and let people do things in their own style.
Like the Animatrix.

Speaking of which, Batman: Gotham Knight looks to be really really cool 😀

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