Spent most of yesterday painting picture frames.
Hmmm…actually, I suppose I spent most of yesterday waiting for paint to dry.

Snagged some cheap frames from Ikea.
Technically, it’s these frames, although the price has changed.
Not dramatically mind you, it’s just a two pack now instead of a three pack. Oh, and I think it went up a buck.
Still, two frames for three bucks is still good, so I bought 12 frames.
Then some primer and black paint, and all told I think I spent $2.65/frame, which is not shabby.
Right in my price range ^_^

While the paint was drying I had a look at all the pics on my computer.
Some lent themselves to be good 5×7 pictures, most others didn’t.
I think I have some shots from Cuba, three different dogs, pics of friends(all local, I have to work on that) and one very memorable pic from Florida.
Yea, those of you that were there remember that pic ^_^
I also have a toy pic and a pic of a mug that I don’t remember taking. But it looked all arty so why not.
I also have a Klingon Penguin pic that I’m debating one.

Looking through these pics makes me want to take more.
Maybe some arty kinda stuff, but with toys.
Close up type stuff, fun stuff.

It also makes me want to invest in an face mast for when I do more spray painting.

I’ll upload the chosen pics for all the world to see.


  1. thinkschematwo

    Photos kind of like the art for Cyberpunk V3 []?

    I couldn’t find any glaring visuals, but a quick Google search ought to clarify what I’m talking about.

    (Barring that, a search of should do it…)

    Did I mention this before?!?

  2. briar_rose2

    I bought a few mirrors from IKEA a couple of years ago. They weren’t as dark as in the picture though. They were a blond colour. I stained them a golden colour, painted different chinese symbols on them in black and gold, and gave there of them to my friend for Christmas. Funny though, I’ve never actually seen them at her house. I guess I didn’t do a very good job. That or they turned out to be swear words somehow.

  3. sidekickca

    I would like to do more artsy kind of stuff, I just don’t think about it.
    I have a feeling that picture taking would be a nice hobby.
    I don’t know…


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