Attack Dog

My neighbor has a large German Shepperd.
For the most part, it’s just a large barkey dog.
Well, today showed up out of the blue to go for breakfast.
On the way to the car, the big barkey dog decided to turn attack and bit on the ass.
Initially we thought the dog just bruised him, but when he got home, he noticed that it was a bite.

I went over to the neighbors and gave them his number, asking to call him.

The Dr told that he should send the by-law dudes over just to make sure the dog is clean and all that.
Being a house dog, the odds of it having rabis or other types of disease is kinda limited.
However, the dog isn’t fixed either, so maybe they don’t do that whole responsible pet owner thing.

I just hope this doesn’t get out of hand.

I mean, I have to live next to these people.

On a separate note, looks like my new system will be ready by tomorrow!
Which means I get all of Family day to play with it.
Also, it sounds like they’ve already assembled it. Not a bad thing in my book, saves me from breaking it 🙂

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