OK, so this is like the “What if” movie of all time.
Or at least it’s supposed to be.
I liked the Alien movies, I liked the Preditor movies, and I liked the idea that the two were possibly related in some strange sense.
It’s like a violent sci-fi mythos, or something.
The comics built off this, pitting the two unstoppable forces against each other, then the video games continued this.
But finally, finally, it hits the big screen, and it will go one of two ways:
It’ll be the greatest thing ever(or at the very least, this year)
It will suck some major ass

That’s it, only two ways, and sadly, I’m leaning more toward the latter.
But the usual super-hype the preceeds really crappy movies hasn’t happened. There’s no special AVP prizes in my Fruit Loops, no video games(ok, no NEW video games), no ads that are playing at all times of the day(I think I’ve seen a total of 3 so far). They’re really keeping this on the “low down”, so maybe it has a chance.
Problem is, it’s going to be pitted against SpiderMan2, indirectly of course, I don’t think Spidey will be making an appearence in the film. But so far SM2 is the only movie this year that hasn’t disappointed me. Sure, it’s all CG fighting, swinging and nipples, but that’s ok because it never promised to be anything more, and that counts for something.
But I will go see it of course.

Afterall, I did go see The Village. I was going to say something kinda profound about how much I dislike his movies. Actually, it’s not the movies per-say, it’s the “twist”. He needs to drop them. They’re becoming really predictible. Mind you, the “twist” in Signs almost made me vomit with how stupid it was. WATER! I still can’t bloody well beleive anyone would do that. WATER! TAP WATER ever! Not like it was some kind of special H3O or something. Nope.
Sorry, got sidetracked there.

I don’t think I have anything else, I probably shouldn’t have written this ^_^

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