Away with me!

Tomorrow, right after work, I run away from Kanata!

I’m off to Bracebridge to visit fun happy people I haven’t seen in some time ^_^
And from what I understand, I don’t even have to do any work this time!
Mind you, I was learning lots, and one day was hoping to build my own house.
Assuming of course my house would only consist of a sub-floor, siding, some windows, blown insulation and a kitchen sink.
Seems like enough right?

We have a new border with us. Friend of Mike and AJs. He’s taking a course in Ottawa and needed a place to crash for two months.
I hope we won’t bore him stupid.
Jim and I, not super exciting people. Sober anyway. And let’s face it, we spend a lot of time sober.

Not this weekend though! For me at least.

On the downside I didn’t win the lottery(all 54 freaking million of it) so I have to return to work on Monday.
I have to go tomorrow two, but I hope to duck out just a little early. And now that I’ve written it…I won’t.
In fact I’m sure I’ll stay late.

Not much else to report really. Haven’t seen any movies lately except Land of the Dead on DVD.
And they didn’t change the scenes I thought that they might change. But I think they were a little clearer.

Suppose I should head to bed. Still have to work.

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