Baby and Dog

Now that Liam is making a lot more noise, Qanuk is becoming more and more curious.
In the mornings, we have a tendency to plop Liam on his play mat and just let him hang out.
Seems to keep him happy and occupied and allows Tara and I to get a few things done in the morning, like work 😉

Generally Qanuk has just kinda done her own thing and not worried at all about Liam. But starting yesterday, that seems to have shifted. She’s now ‘circling’ Liam as he’s on his mat, and checking him out, getting closer and closer. Today, she got close enough to lick him on the cheek. Then wandered off.

She’s generally been good with kids, most notably my nephews, but Liam is a little different. He’s direct competition for my attentions. This has Tara and I a little on edge. She has snapped at him in the past, not connecting mind you, but enough to make us worry. Granted, at that time Liam was on my lap, and I was guiding his hand to pet her. I don’t think this helped matters.

I think it’s a legit worry just due to her size and speed. In my heart I want to believe that nothing bad will happen. But everyone’s noticed how attached to me she is. If I leave, she doesn’t want to interact with anyone else and just mopes around.

So for now, we’ll just keep a close eye on her. It might all be different when Liam starts to crawl around and walk, but then he might be a play companion 😉

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