Baby Monday: Two steps forward…

Tara and I got all excited yesterday as the nurses in the special care nursery were saying that it’s looking really good that Liam will be coming home today. He’s feeding more than he needs to in the allotted, and today he would be 35 weeks old.
Those were the last two major hurdles that he had to pass.

However, we called this morning to get an update, and apparently the little guy had a bit of a time keeping his temp up and they had to keep him really bundled. So right now we’re waiting for the doctors rounds to be over and we’ll give them another call to see what’s what.

With the news yesterday, were left scrambling a little to get the last last minute things sorted out. The main thing was to get a bassinet so that Tara wouldn’t have to travel up and down stairs all day. She’s not allowed to. Actually, she’s allowed one trip up and down, and that’s all. Well, until she’s finally healed that is. Tara’s Mom and I whipped around town yesterday to find one that didn’t cost a million dollars. We found bupkis. There was just nothing to be had. So our last resort was this little consignment place that’s about a minute away. It kinda smells and for the most part is over priced, but it did have the one thing we were looking for at a good price. I think it’s still a bassinet, just without legs. Which is fine, all it has to do is hold Liam in place and out of the dogs way. And this does the trick. It just needs to be cleaned.

Enough of that, I’m sure you’re just here to see pictures of Liam!

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  1. Matt

    Good to hear that things are moving along well!

    The pics were great (lots of hair for such a tiny fellow)!

    I’m sure he’ll be home in no time!

    Then the fun begins!

    (The lack of sleep will seem like a small price to pay in the end, though in the thick of it… It may feel otherwise… 🙂 )

    All the best!


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