Baby Monday: Week 29

No, don’t go looking for weeks 1-28; they’re not there.

This is something new that I wanted to start. I think it’s because I started reading a bunch of daddy blogs. Tara has all these blogs that she reads, and it’s high time I read some too! Granted, the ones I read are more like normal blogs(with some exceptions) than the ones she reads, which are more helpful 😉

I’ve bookmarked a bunch, and will bookmark a bunch more, and then cull, and then probably forget about.

With the due date quickly approaching, I realize that there’s a ton of stuff I really need to do with the basement. Like finish it. I have 5 outlets installed down there, but not connected to anything. But to do this properly, I need an additional wall, a few more outlets, a wall with a door in it, some cheapo flooring, and the oomph to do it all well before November 1st.

Or October 27th, as that’s when the c-section is planned. So, I should get cracking! And I will, I swear it.

I’ve also been reading.  Tara checked out Sharing Birth: A Father’s Guide to Giving Support During Labor. It looks like it was written in the 80’s  by hippies. And I think it was. But don’t let that fool you, it’s actually rather helpful, if not somewhat outdated. But there are parts in there that just might get me killed.

Should labor begin at night, encourage your partner to rest. The general recommendation is “Go back to sleep”…

Really? Go back to sleep? I’d be killed. And all throughout the book it has us reminding our partner to pee. Tara stated that, if I remind her once or twice, that’s ok. If I keep mentioning it, she’ll have me tag out with her mother. And I might not be allowed to tag back in.

We’re also thinking of getting a video camera. The Kodak Playsport has been getting some really good reviews, and it’s $150(with an 8 gig card) at Futureshop right now, so I think it’s the thing to get. It’s not going to  be the top of the line, but again, it’s $150, so really…there you go.

Enough for this week. Stay tuned for next week!

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