Bachelor Days 01

It’s quitting time at work, and I realise that I’m alone in the house.

OK, so I know I’ve been along for a few hours now, but now there’s nothing to really distract me.
Work has a good way to keep your mind doing things, and I decided to multi-task and reinstall Windows on the main PC at the same time. That’s also mostly done. So my mind starts to wander any my heart races a little.

This is the first time Tara and Liam have been away from me for any length of time. Sure, they do the mommy and me classes, but that’s a few hours. This is three weeks!
Three weeks to sit and talk to myself or the pets.
Three weeks to not see them everyday.
Three weeks!

The last time Tara was away for a weekend, the first night I was really out of sorts. I thought I would take that apart time and catch up on movies, but it seemed that nothing I watched I liked, and it just got weirder and weirder. So tonight, as it’s the first night, I’m going to write off all moods and maybe just go to bed early and start fresh tomorrow.

Now, I bet you’re sitting there thinking that I’m over reacting, and sure enough, I would agree. But understand that they’re flying somewhere, for the first time together. My wife and my son.
I think I have a right to be worried.

Anyway, as mentioned, it’s quitting time. They won’t be landing for another few hours as there have been delays because of the weather. And I suspect I’ll sort myself out more tomorrow.

And hey, I have 5 seasons of Lost to watch and a nice little to-do list to keep me busy.

But now, I think I’ll walk the dog.

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    I get the worry, but relax.

    It’ll all be fine.

    Except for the alone bit…

    That takes some getting used to.

    It doesn’t happen often (that I’m all by my lonesome), but when it does (certainly not for 3 weeks), it’s easy to get all out of sorts…

    The good news is, you’ll survive in one way, shape or form. 🙂


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