Bachelor Life

Haven’t posted much because…well…because.

After dropping Tara off last Tuesday, bachelor life has been a little weird.
Last year was different. I wasn’t living with her and saw her on the weekends and maybe a little during the week, but now I’ve gotten used to her being her all the time.
And I like it.
But now that she’s gone, it’s weird.
I mean, Tuesday, I worked until 5, decided to stop, spun my chair around and had NO IDEA what I should be doing.
I didn’t have to make dinner or pick her up or anything.
For a moment there I was totally lost.

And it’s been off again on again like that.

Thank god she’s coming back on Boxing day 😉

So a lot of my time has been either spent working or watching movies.
I think I’ve covered off the following:
The Strangers
The Mist
The Signal
The Quiet Earth
The Ruins
Hellboy 2
Mummy 3

Huh, there must be more and I just can’t think of them. Seems like that’s not enough.
Also caught up on Dexter, Heroes and House.
And started to watch the second season of Burn Notice.
I have more TV stuff to burn and watch so at least that keeps me busy.

Also I moved beds, cleaned up the office(somewhat) and generally, did stuff.
Nothing important though.

I have been seeing more of Ben lately. He was over last night for HellBoy and Mummy.
And Friday night for some others.

But today I think I’ll do laundry and some cleaning so that Tara doesn’t kill me when she get’s back 😀


  1. thinkschematwo

    You have my sympathies.

    Just as fair warning, the same thing comes into play once kids enter into the picture…

    (Odd, when you finally get that moment of silence you’ve been looking for for over 6 months and then… having no idea what to do… 🙂 )

  2. anonymous

    Boxing Day????? I thought it was Jan. 1/09!


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