So I’m back now, and the server is back now, and I’m writing again and the like.
Guelph was….well….Guelph. Not much to say in that department.
Mind you, it did have one of the CHEAPEST movie theaters I’ve ever been to.
Saw ‘The Bourne Identity’, ticket price, $4.25, Reg Popcorn and drink(which look closer to large at other places) $6.50, for a grand total of $10.75…..which is less than the TICKET price at the AMC….gotta love it.
Other news, doesn’t look like I’ll be getting any job work from Phase 2, they seem to have bigger problems looming at the moment.
AJ’s fashion show is next Sunday, and that should be a good time.
Nothing else to report really….sad isn’t it?

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