Did ya miss me?
It was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun ^_^
The con itself was so so. Unless you’re meeting up with people, I almost wouldn’t suggest going.
I have to admit though that it has been getting better in some places, and worse in others.
I have a sudo con report and it will follow this bit.
I took some pics, not a lot since the camera itself is rather crappy in not-ideal light situations, which means MOST of them, but I’m sure there are other places posting pics, and when I find them I’ll link them either here or in the link section. So keep your eyes out.
This is our room set-up after we liberated Darcy’s Commador monitor from Waterloo.
This can only be described as ‘one of those con moments’. It was in the dealers room…and I needed a pic.
And THIS has to be the all time BEST Gundam costume EVER!
Anyway, as I say, I’m back and here’s the con report.
It’s not much…but really, I didn’t DO that much. Maybe next year I’ll do more, when there’s MORE to do.
Friday, March 14, 20033:03 PM: Con report 1It’s 2:56 on Friday and I’m here and registered!
That took a whole of 10 minutes.
However, when I tried to register a friend that had pre-registered, they couldn’t find his registration. So he now has to battle with them when he shows up, which will be roughly 6:30. He’s not gonna be pleased ^_^
Once again, finding the Hotel was tricky. The thing is, about and hour and a bit on the road, I had realised that I didn’t write down any instructions on how to get here. STUPID!
But I did recall Dixon road, and I thought, hell, I’ll just get off there and find it somehow.
Well…I missed Dixon road while keeping my eye out for the Hotel. Story of my life.
But once I got turned around, and then turned around again on Dixon(wrong way again) I found it, parked and registered.
Now I sit here writing this report.
Nothing else to do.
Dealers don’t open till 5:30.
The retro room opens at 4…starting to get hungry. Brought noodles, but I have no place to cook them.
Sitting in the dark typing away….why did I get here early again?
3:12 PM: More ConOh yea, and the music video contest, one of my favorite things to see, has been split up into three sections, all happening Saturday.
It seems that they got in a lot of videos, and their general policy is to show them ALL!
That’s great and all, but there are other things that I would like to do during that time. That’s why it used to be on Friday night. NOTHING happened Friday night except for the video contest.
Well, it gave us something to do if nothing else.
But it starts at like 9am tomorrow morning.
There are other cartoons to watch at that time in the morning.
Assuming that I’m up that is.
Oh, I will be, I will be.
I hope that they show more Gigantor this year, it’s cool.
Not great, but cool.
Maybe I should go get snacks now that I’m hear. But that would mean leaving the parking lot. That could get costly.
And I have no where to store it anyway.
I’m guessing that since I’m sitting at a laptop, in they dark, typing away, that it looks like I work here.
I don’t. I suppose I could go volenter, but we all know that’s not gonna happen.
Now to go do other stuff.
No games on the laptop…bummer.
5:34 PM: Retro – GatchamanI’m taking advantage of the fact that I have the laptop with me currently, so I can add notes sorta on the fly.
I’ll be making notes on the palm so that I can put them in here later, but until that time I’ll just do this.


  1. aelfric bemused

    So is that Gun-dress or G-Undress? Either one speaks volumes!I hate marking. Have I ever mentioned that?

  2. Olletho

    ahhh cons, where one learns that for short periods of time food IS a substitute for sleep after all.
    one week-end, five meals and three hours of sleep a day.
    and coffee-coffeee-coffeeeee, irished, russaned, or bloody well internationaled.

  3. SideKick

    Yea, that’s rather cool. If you follow the other links it’s actually a Gundam Museum!MAN, that would be cool. It’s got full scale MS heads and everything!Not to mention that diorama is in 1/144 scale!
    And oddly enough, no coffee, just LOTS of Coke….*jitter*


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