Back at work

And it’s rather hard to adjust to for some reason.
I’m not sure if I’m tired because of the time difference, or if it’s the fact I really only worked 1.5 weeks this month in my regular job.
But alas, March will be a really full month without any expected breaks.
Did I mention that I miss my every-other-Friday-off day yet?
Yea, I still do.

I finalized my car loan, so that’s out of the way. I have to fax some docs to the bank dudes, but other than that, all out of the way.
Now, the only thing left is law stuff, which I hear will be rather easy. I just have to get money together, which won’t be hard at all. I just have to bug my parents.

Weekend wasn’t as productive as I would have thought, but that’s life. Things seem easy, but when you actually start doing them, well, they change.
That’s not making a lot of sense, but trust me.

I have a birthday dinner to attend tonight, and then the usual show tomorrow night.
Assuming of course, the server is working properly.
We’ve been having some “issues” with the connection server that holds all the IRC scripts. It’ll time out randomly which kills all ability to connect or disconnect properly.
However, the little piss ant that’s running the server hasn’t created the backup scripts that are REALLY REALLY needed to keep this station available to the public.
There has been a change of management, and they want to crack down on DJs not actually showing up, and they want to move the station forward. And this is good.
But there are some people, who will remain the piss ant that I mentioned earlier, that can’t get over his own ego to either
A) Ask for help
B) Take his head out of his ass and get the job done properly

I’m no IRC/Script guru, but even I can keep a server up and running for more than 3 hours at a time. And I can back up the scripts and send them to someone else.
How hard is this?

But no, they’ll keep this little bastard because he’s someone’s friend and nothing useful will get done.
I’m sure he’s a very small person in real life and is just on a really long power trip.
I don’t deal with that very well, and I think my patience is now at an end.
So, catch me online while I’m still there ^_^

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  1. flying_squirrel

    Ah, nerd politics. I love those.

    Welcome back! 😀


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