Back from the stone age

And better and faster than ever!

Bell finally showed up,  and the guy was here for close to an hour sorting out what the hell was going on.

I’m sure you’vre read the summary, but here is part of it again(because):

-Tara and I got rid of our phone line and got dry loop dsl(that’s what you have to do)

-we got a phone line again, and it was busted, so Bell was called, and they ‘fixed’ it

-in fixing it, they dropped the internets

-I called ISP, they called Bell, Bell said no, we’re not changing it from dry to normal, because we hate you

-ISP called Bell again saying that there was something wrong with the dry loop

-Bell came out and fixed it

The dry loop was always there and doing it’s thing, it was just not connected inside the house. See, all phone jacks can carry up to two lines. Well, one of two lines(or both at the same time if you have a phone that can do it).

So the phone was on one line and the dry loop on the other, just that the other wasn’t actually going anywhere.

The Bell guy spent time downstairs reqiring things because it was a mess and sorted it all out.

Now the line that the modem is on is just the dry loop, and this means it won’t have any interference from the phone line(not that it should, but still).

It also means that it’s a dedicated line, and our DSL speeds have pretty much doubled. I’m consistently getting 5megs on the main computer during the speed tests.

For the same price. That’s nice 🙂

So now that everythings working, the laptop seems to have lost some useful windows files.

It’ll boot(finally) but we can’t use the keyboard or touchpad. External mouse and kb work fine. Oh, and no sound.

I don’t feel like playing with it, so I’ll back everything up and reinstall Vista. The drive was partitioned into two, and there’s a lot of extra junk on there, so a nice clean install would do it wonders I’m sure.

Now if I could just fine the receipt for my monitor….

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