Back, Safe and mostly sound

It was a long trip, but I’m finally back at home base no worse for ware…wear…
Unlike the journy down, we decided to split up the trip back into two pieces, and really, that made much more sense.
I think I’m really getting to old for this sort of thing, and after the trip down there I really didn’t want to repeat the whole thing in one shot.

But I tell ya, Florida is cool. Actually, it was pretty warm. Not stupidly warm like I was fearing, but nice and warm. But I think we did too many theme parks and not enough, umm, nuthing. Not that I really like to do nothing, hell, I can do that here for free, but I should have probably skipped something and done nothing for one day. Jim took that route, and I think he liked it.

All in all, we did three days at Disney(could have really been two, but whatever), Sea world, Universal and Kennedy Space Center.
All were cool, not all I would do over again. There’s two seperate parts to Universal, a theme park and an amusment park with more rollercoaster type rides. We took the former. It was neat, but just not a lot to do. The Shrek 4D thing was really well done, and Jaws ride was ok, the live Horror Makeup show was really great(although it didn’t tell you a lot of useful things) but the rest I probably could have skipped.

We also did Medieval Times on Wednesday and our Knight WON! Even though it looked like he got knocked out in the first round. Oh those tricky Knights….
Scott got Knighted because it was his birthday. It went straight to his head, but we all knew it would ^_^

There are some interesting stories to tell, some interesting pics to post, but right now, after a nice 12 hour drive, my bed is calling to me.

I will try to get as much up tomorrow as possible, but if I don’t, just assume I didn’t wake up ^_^

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