Back to work

And you know, it doesn’t suck as much as I thought it might. I’m sure that my boss will be happy to hear that.

I really expected email after email of people yelling at me. Well, I did get 50+ new emails, mostly from two people who were talking to each other instead of me.
Not bad all things considered.
I should only be on this product full time for another couple of weeks. In reality, I would prefer to be off it altogether, but the main product I don’t think would keep me busy enough to justify my work existence, and that would be bad.

I think last year I did a movie review, of all the crap that I saw in 2004. I might do the same here. And then again, I might not. I really should keep a list of what I’ve seen. The IMDB is a good start, but it shows about 3000+ movies for 2005, and well, I don’t think I’ve seen all of them. But I’ll consider doing some kind of review thing….

2005 wasn’t a bad year:

-Brother got married
-I got back into the dating scene
-got a tattoo
-Star Wars finally fucking ended!
-some…other stuff happened

Can’t think of real downsides, on a personal level at any rate.
I’d like to think that 2006 will be a blast; I’ll be buying a house, paying off the car, ummm….other things.

Online again tonight, usual details apply.

I’ve been playing Eve Online for the last two days. For the moment it’s free, so that’s nice. It’s another one of those MMORPG thingys, but in space!
And you’re a spaceship pilot, which is pretty rockin.
So far, it feels more like a single player game set in a perpetual universe, so it still might be cool later on in life. I have 12 days left, and I’ll see if it’s really worth it after that.
It’s more expensive than COH, and it requires skill upgrades and money management, all the things that I kinda don’t like about MMORPG. I can do that in a stand along game that I paid for once, but I’m not sure if my patience will last with a MMORPG.
But again, I have 12 more days, so I might be an addict by the end of it all.

I really should email people, I’ve been kinda bad about that.

I should also go back to work.

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