Background Noise

When I’m working, I need some background noise. What this noise is depends on what I’m doing.

If I’m just plugging away at testing some code, or reproducing a problem, something that doesn’t involve a lot of reading, then I can listen to just about anything. These days, it’s podcasts. When I was at home with Liam and Tara, I pretty much stopped listening to my favourite podcasts. But now that I’m back in the office, or even in a very quiet home, I’m trying to catch up. I have X major podcasts that I’m listening to:

So suffice to say, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Now, if there’s a lot of reading involved(detailed emails, docs, etc) then I really can’t listen to anything with lyrics. I get too caught up in the lyrics of the song and just can’t focus. Oddly enough, Death Metal bands don’t seem to give me this trouble, so that’s what I listen to. Hell, I don’t understand the lyrics anyway(and that’s not a meta-physical thing, I just don’t know what the hell they’re saying) so it’s like they’re not even signing.

But I need something. And now, even if I’m not working, I need some kind of background noise. I blame part of this on Tara(who in turn blames her Mom), who pretty much needs the same thing. That’s why the TV is always running. And this was a bit of a problem when we didn’t have cable, and hadn’t downloaded all that much. I have no idea how many times I watch the same Grey’s Anatomy, but I think I had parts memorized at one point. That, and I came to realise that all, yes all, Law and Order episodes were the same. Mind you, it’s not like it stopped us.

How about you? When working, do you need background noise, or the complete opposite?

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