Last night was the first night of badminton.
Tara and I joined the local club and decided to at least have one game just to see where we stood.
The theory is that it’s open to all levels. And that’s true, if by all levels you mean anyone but beginners 🙂
It would have really helped if we had read rules on how badminton is played.
We were schooled though, and I think by the end of our first game we got the jist of it.
Mind you, we only played the one game. And then sat and watched others play to get a better idea of what the hell we were supposed to be doing 🙂

What I did like is that it all seemed very friendly and good natured. While people there were competitive, they’re weren’t competitive to the point of being poor sports.
The general idea is that it’s a rec club and people are there to have a good time.
There was a fair amount of laughter, and that’s always a good sign.
That being said, it was busy as hell last night and only three courts.

And from an observational point, it was 95% Asian. Not sure if that says something about the sport or the area where I live. Could be a little of both.

Met on nice guy, he actually came up to greet the newbies. Think his name was Peter(terrible with names mostly because it’s the one topic that’s discussed the least) and he’s a 4th year Health Sciences major at Ottawa U. See, I remembered all that because we talked about it. Names are the things you start a conversation with, and I never remember that part.

I think the plan is to set up a net at my parents place(better sized back yard) and practice a little until next week.

We have the membership until May, and I think by May we should be pretty good 🙂

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