No new Maiden CD yesterday. Looks like it’ll be next week.
Which means I should just download it like I did the last one.
Don’t get me wrong, I bought it as soon as it came out, but it had this stupid DRM on it, so I don’t think I ever listed to the official CD.

Watched the end of Spaced last night. Good little series, got a little wishy-washy near the end, but all in all very good.

Also watched the UK version of Distraction, which is much better than the Americanized one, even with the same host.
I hope the Comedy Network shows more of the UK one, I’d actually watch it.

Either the network card, the router or my Windows install is doing something funky.
Last night I couldn’t connect to the router for DHCP.
Yet, all the wireless cards were working.
When I changed it to a static IP, I could connect via VNC to the other systems, but couldn’t login to the router.
But the other systems could.
So I know the router is working(at least with the wireless), the internet works, so it could just be that the wired portion of the router is poo.
I’ll do some more figuring on it tonight, maybe even swap cards, see if that does anything.
Could be the cable…


  1. anonymous

    I blocked your computer(s) on the router. =)

  2. sidekickca

    You sneaky little bastard!


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