I did the one thing I was trying to avoid….

AN Day 3
Stupid me, I’m writing this close to a week after the fact, and since stuff happened on Monday that took a lot of my attention, I’m having a hard time remembering what happened. But I’ll try.

Got up and drive over to the “toy and Model display”.
Sad sad sad. Three models, which were very nice to look at, and a boatload of transformers, but nothing really special.
Just glad I didn’t walk over for it.
Oh, and it smelled.

The rest of the day was really spent looking for people and wandering the Dealers rooms looking for last minute deals.
There were none.

I did watch the song/qa thing for one of the Japanese voice actresses, but I’m too lazy to look up her name.
She was cool, and had a great voice. I think she sang about 4-5 songs, so it was quite the set. Then she took questions for about 30 minutes. Some people should not be allowed to ask questions.
In fact, I’ll paraphrase one question, the king of all questions:
“Who are you, and what do you do?”
Well, I think the actual question was more along the lines of, “I’ve never heard of you until today, what’s some of the work you’ve done?”
That’s what the little hand-outs at the beginning of the con are for dingle-berry. Read them. Stop making an ass of yourself.
Anyway, that was all well and good, then I went back to the Dealers hell.

We met up with John and he was inline getting an autograph and pic with said voice actress(still too lazy).
That reminds me, I have to send the pic to him ^_^

In a previous post, I mentioned that I’d take lots of pictures.
I lied.
I don’t know why I didn’t, but I didn’t.
Maybe next year.

All in all, Anime North was Anime North. Not much to say other than that.
I’ll go back bext year, because really, I have nothing better to do ^_^

Day two has come and gone and it’s hard to believe, but I think there was actually less to do today than yesterday.
I’m not sure why I keep coming back to this con actually.
Well, that’s not true, I come back year after year to hang out with people that I see once a year.
The con is just an excuse for all of us to buy things.

This year, they’ve split up the con into two locations, the Convention center and a Hotel that’s not really next to it.
The Hotel has all the con suites, so things like anime showings and panel discussions and displays are over at the hotel.
So we trot on down to look at the Model and Toy display, only to find that the one guy in charge of it, is honestly out to lunch.
We stuck around for a little while, something on the order of an hour or more, and dude never came back.
Crappy, that’s the one thing I wanted to look at.
Oh well, I’m going to try again tomorrow morning.

The rest of the day was spent looking for something to do and hanging out in the dealers area.
We met up with one of the local artists, and I have to say, she’s really good. It’s not the usual crappy fan art that all looks the same, this stuff is well done.
I have the link to her stuff on a flyer somewhere, and I’ll post it when I find it.
Good stuff.
We kinda attended a Manga lession, but the way the Convention center is laid out, we couldn’t hear her for all the other stuff that was going on next to us, and of course no one thought of giving her a mic, because that would make too much sense and therefore go against the nature of Anime North.

Oh, met up with Yvon briefly, and managed to scare the hell out of him in the process. Kinda made my day ^_^

The Masqurade was tonight, and I was asking around to see if there was a Photo Pit/Area to take pictures of the CosPlayers as they were leaving the stage.
One person told me that there was, that someone was in charge of it.
Never found that person, and everyone else we asked said that it was at the bottom of the list of things to get done, meaning they didn’t give a crap about it.
And it’s not like it was a lack of space or anything, there was plenty to use, but this con is all volenteers, and these volenteers obviously like to be in charge.
Power trips all over the place.
I don’t deal well with annoying people telling me what to do and where to go, expecially when they’re yelling it, over and over again.
Guess I’m just an asshole ^_^
That was really one of those, you had to be there, things.

So I didn’t stick around for the Masqurade since no thought had been put into the photo area.
Besides, I’ll just snag them all online in a few days anyway.

See, this con has grown to a point where they really need a few perfessional people, not many, just a couple, to take charge and just get things done.
It’s a fan run, 100% volenteer event, and I think it’s grown past that.
I can see why they don’t want to change it, it might ruin the spirit, but it also might make it a better con.
Just my two cents.
But I say that every year, and every year it’s the same old thing.

Watched Invader Zim for the first time tonight, best cartoon since The Family Guy!
Gonna pick up some of that tomorrow.
Also watched this other anime, very cute, almost at a sickening level, but very fun to watch.
Don’t think I’m gonna pick up any of it, but maybe I’ll download it.

Tomorrow is the (with any luck) land of deals at the dealers area. Most of them just don’t want to pack stuff up on the last day and will generally cut prices just ot get rid of things.
That’s what I’m hopeing for. I’ve had my eye on a few things, things that I could easily live without, so it the price is right tomorrow, I’ll pick them up, and if it isn’t, I’ll just walk away.
I say that now of course….

Well, first day done and gone.
Got to the con at about 1:30 and waited in line for about 30 minutes to register in the pre-register line.
Odd that, and I start to wonder if the $10 that I save for pre-registering is worth waiting that long in line. I say this because
the Register at the Door line was about, oh, 1/100th the size.
But that’s ok, you see a lot of interesting people when you’re waiting in line.
After registering, I went and checked into the hotel.
Then, since I had a lot of time to kill, I watched The Twins Effect. Cool vampire hunting movie, and well worth the $12 I spent on it ^_^
Then I had a little nap. I liked it.

After the nap, the next order of business was to check out the dealers, which meant standing in line again.
This was fine until they decided to give up trying to do the crowd control thing and just let us all go in.
It was complete and utter chaos in there. Soooo many people, I hardly saw a thing!
I just poked around and ended up buying a Brarios figure, looks cool, and hey, it’s Brarios.
Just after that John phoned and said that he had arrived and was waiting in line. I left the chaos behind and stood in line with him.
We chatted for a little while and then Darcy showed up and we all chatted for a little while.

We decided that the only thing to do for a little while was to watch the Red and White show, which well, kinda honked.
There was this one great singer, and it would have been really impressive if the sound was set up properly, which it wasn’t.

About 20 minutes into the show, Darcy and John wanted to wander into the Dealer area again. It was much more peaceful this time around and I picked up a used MechaGodzilla figure for a whopping $1.50!
It was cool.
And then two Gundam movie DVDs which were priced to low to pass up. I hope to get the third tomorrow.
There weren’t a lot of good deals on the first day, but there generally aren’t.

We broke to settle Darcy into the room and then headed out to eat.

Then to the Anime Music Video contest. I should really try
and do a video for next year, maybe two, but at least one.
I think I can do better than some that were shown tonight. Most were, well, ok, but slow music isn’t always a good choice to work with.

After that, the three of us retired to the room and played Soul Caliber for a while, until John left then we tried this other game, of which the name escapes me at the moment.
Didn’t get to far with it because we needed more memory for saves and the like. Maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, 1:30, and I should stop writing and go to sleep.
Tomorrow could be a busy day.

OK, I’m going to try and get them in the right order.
Big long post, deal with it.

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