Band of Evil

There’s some kind of fair going on up the street, and they have the worst cover band I’ve ever heard.
At least from this distance.
Yea, I can hear it, and that’s why I’m writing.

Changed the oil today with possibly the least amount of effort. I have this oil extractor now, and since the filter is top mounted, I don’t have to get under the car at all.

Wait, I think the “band” has stopped. I might be able to sleep now…


  1. anonymous

    Yo, beeesnatch, I have a) some updated contact information to send you (finally got around to buying a house) and b) a severe desire to play online video games, now that I have high speed.

    –Centurion, mightiest of the mighty, hardest of the hard.

  2. sidekickca

    Congratz dude!

    Houses can be fun, and a big old pain the butt. 😛

    I have to figure out which games I actually have. Had a ton a little while ago, but I think that was 2 formats ago ^_^

  3. anonymous

    drop me an email; my first name at muskoka dot com. Don’t forget the ‘y’.


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