Because 30 just isn’t enough

I got an email from the NaBloPoMo people, and they sent me a link to
The idea here is to blog every day for 2008, with Feb 29th being a day off.

I wonder if I can do it?

I mean, I almost didn’t make 30 days in a row, and now 365?
Granted, it would be a little different. I wouldn’t be going for word count for this.

I suppose I could do it, as long as people didn’t mind the occasional inane little post.

So, uh, yea. I signed up.

And in signing up they had one of those picture words.
Is it bad that mine was facile? 😀


  1. thinkschematwo


    Look forward to it!

  2. olletho


    We’re on Live Jouranl, I think we’re okay with inane.


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