Because I can

Updating from Java class again. Got done early…ish, now I’m hanging about because I’ve already paid for the course.
After this I think I’m going to go and print out trees and trees of notes.
Other news:
Godzilla VCDs still not arrived. Not a big surprise, but I’m always hopeful.
No word yet about the Surenet project work. But that could be because they are very busy. That is good. But I want to be busy too.
Put my resume into the British High Commission the other day. I would like to work there just because of the business cards ^_^
Other than that there might be something for me at IBM as a software tester. Don’t know much more than that, but I’ll let you know if anything happens.OK, so we just got the bonus assignment so I’m not done so early.
Oh well, at least I’m learning something.
I hope.
I also hope that it’s not causing me to forget other useful stuff.

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  1. aelfric at work

    I wish I could give you work. But we don’t have any. In fact we probably don’t have enough for me next year… but I’ve got a new job supplying natural gas to the entire universe.


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