Because I’m weak….

I was out buying eggs, and I happened to spy Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away on DVD.
And I noticed a little coupon giving me $4 back if I bought them both….
‘Oh yea, You want those!’
‘But I don’t need them…’
‘But look, they’re not expensive…and they’re right HERE!’
‘But I don’t want to spend any money right now, besides, they’ll be here for awhile….’
‘Oh, I’m sure I can…right, I mean, if I buy them now, they’ll be cheaper somewhere else….right?’
‘Nope, this is as cheap as they get. And hey, you just cashed in your GST, you have a little extra money!’
‘NO BUTS! BUY!’So I got them both. And the eggs. Which Mom didn’t need anyway. So I blame her ^_^So, the first of May finally rolled around, and I said that I would start to watch all the anime that I have remaining. I generated a list, and you can see it at the top of the page.
I’m kinda liking this ‘stay at the top’ feature in GreyMatter software.
I have a lot to go through….this is gonna get ugly.
I also have to make some arrangements with Darcy about Anime North. Meeting time mainly. I have a good idea on how to get to the hotel since I’ve been there before.Anything else?X2 comes out tomorrow night, and I for one will be there, watching, drooling, and generally making a mess of myself(with popcorn bits, come on people…keep focused….)
I just have to convince people to watch the later show.
Shouldn’t be that hard since the early shows are probably sold out.
Hell, since I’m not going anywhere on the weekend, we could see it (GASP!) SATURDAY!Thought I was going to Kingston Saturday, but I’m not, AJ is coming here.
I should really e-mail G and see how he’s doing. Just something I haven’t gotten around to.
Really meant to….honest.Oh yea, have to put tax money aside tonight. Should do that while I’m remembering.Anyway, later ^_^


  1. aelfric flatulent

    Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away are NECESSARY, MAN! What were you thinking, with the hesitation? Geez.Of course I can buy nothing – I have no money and all the debt. Sigh. And my bass is in rough shape and I have gigs coming up. Sigh again.And best of luck on the anime – it’s not often somebody sets themselves an Olympic couch potato event. My suggestion: put the TV in front of the exercise bike, you won’t even notice you’re biking the whole time.Just don’t get biking confused with bikini (which is what I originally typed) because the Sidekick in a bikini is seven shades of wrong.Over and out.

  2. aelfric apologetic

    Reading over that comment it looked a bit nasty. I’m sure you know what I mean. I’m not trying to be an ass. Mind you, my ass is trying to exterminate all life on earth right now, so maybe that’s what’s behind it. Ouch. Behind it… I’m going to stop now.
    HEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!(cough cough gasp)

  3. SideKick

    Oh, I didn’t think it was nasty.It was Aelfric…which might just speak for itself.But yea, I should probably put the DVD player on the TV downstairs. The main problem is that most of the anime on the list is for the computer.This could get tricky…
    Besides, I’m SUPPOSED to start biking to/from work this month….

  4. SideKick

    Actually I do have 13, it was just hiding on another CD.But I suppose there’s still another 11 or 12 episodes after that to watch.Sadly, I don’t have those…

  5. matt

    That’s a load of stuff to watch.
    I wish I had the patience…
    Anyhow, shameless plug…
    (Figured since you said I had to get a real comment thing you wouldn’t mind. 🙂

  6. Darcy

    I didn’t notice the stupid $4 coupons until after I bought all three (I have 3 copies of Kiki now, but I don’t mind. I really like that movie. 😛 )
    You know, you’ll probably want to see Big O episode 13 after you’ve made it that far. 12 has a bit of a cliffhanger, IIRC.
    The release of Big O 2 will make me very happy.


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