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***This is from another blog of mine…that I don’t use anymore since the magic of LJ and all that crap***

This, my friends, is not a good enough reason to rent a crappy movie.
And with that in mind, it’s a worse excuse to rent TWO crappy movies.

I present to you XXX:State of the Union and Flight of the Phoenix.
Now, to be fair, Flight of the Phoenix wasn’t all that bad, totally unlikely, but not as bad as it could have been.
That being said, XXX made up for it.
Oh. My. God was it bad. I honestly couldn’t believe that, once being seen, anyone involved with the movie would want to put their name on this festering pile of…poo.
The first one, while not great, at least had that James Bond feel to it that made you think, ok, I can deal with this.
State of the Union threw all that out of the window and just hoped that no one noticed.
Oh, we noticed all right, we noticed plenty.

I think I would have preferred to watch Metallica:Some kind of Monster. At least I would have gotten more chuckles out of that.

Just came back from The Dukes of Hazard. Not a bad movie, cool car chases and the like, and Jess Simpson is smoking hot. Too bad she’s not in it more, but that’s life.
The main difference between the original show and the movie is that they had the family style elements from the TV show taken out back and shot.
This really isn’t a family movie. And really, if anyone was thinking, it really could have been. Putting JS aside, it was all the little bits of profanity that they could have just left out, and it would have been just as good, if not better.
In fact, all the profanity really felt forced in this movie. And I think the main reason behind that is that, growing up, the worst you would hear is Damn, and then Uncle Jessie would smack someone because they ‘cussed’. In the movie, Jessie is the first one to ‘cuss’, and it really ruined it.
The out takes at the end rock though ^_^

OK, that’s enough for now, have to clean the room some more.

Oh yea, haven’t actually started the linux rebuild yet…I’m getting to it, honest ^_^

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  1. thinkschematwo

    To me, if you’ve taken the family friendly out of the Dukes, you’ve missed the point… It’s sad to hear that they did that.

    Do you remember the tv special that they did a few years back? I only caught part of it, but it had the same feel as the original… even all those years later. It was great! (Same cast though, I suppose…)

    It’s kind of like the Zorro film with Antonio Banderas… I thought it was cool when it came out that they pulled back from the rush of gory, racy action that was popular at the time and gave it a feel appropriate for the film. (I’d look up “the Zorro film” title, but is too many keystrokes away right now… 🙂 )

    Oh well, maybe we’re all just getting old… 🙂


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