Beer and Blood

Yesterday was a good day.
Even though the dog bit me. Not that she meant to, she was aiming at another dog, and I got in the way.
See, I had everyone over for a little BBQ on Monday. This included ‘s dog Kiera.
Qanuk and Kiera get along fairly well, unless they don’t.
And when they don’t, they fight.
And mostly drunk me will jump into the middle. This time I got bit.
And it’s kinda deep.
Not deep enough for stitches(not yet at least) and so far it appears to be healing well enough.

Doug dropped by(poor guy had to work) and somehow brought crazy drunk neighbors with him.
He’s never allowed over again 😛
Apparently I’m a little anti-social with some people, and they let me know about it.
In a happy drunk sorta way.
I smiled politely and just went with it, then showed them the door.

Then and I played a little drunken Guitar Hero.
Then, oh then, it was the season finale of Heroes.
And right at the exciting part, the dogs started fighting. So I’m downloading it ^_^
But I think it was a good end to a good season. I wonder what Season 2 will bring.
Hopefully not the suck.

The rest of the weekend was also good. Tara spent most of it at my place.
We finished off the fence and now the dog can roam free.

Finally met Tara’s Mum, and she’s cool too. Then we all had dinner at the folks place, which was very nice.

Other than that…umm…kinda did nothing all weekend.

AN this weekend. Can’t wait!

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