Bell is dumb

A few years ago I made a purchase in the US, over the net, of a few toys. I think the total was a couple of hundred dollars.
That day, that DAY, Mastercard called and just wanted to confirm that the payment was in fact made by me.
Told them it was and went on with my day.
I did feel good that they were looking out for me.

In November, two companies(one a law office no less) had their Bell Canada voicemail systems hacked and rang up a total of $300,000 worth of fraudulent phone charges.
All over two days.

This is now coming to light and Bell says the companies are on the hook to pay the cost.

The question I have is; if MC worries about $200 and notifies me, what the hell was Bell doing when they allowed $300,000 worth of charges to rack up over two days?
Did they not think that this was a tad suspicious?
And now they’re not going to do anything about it?

Good god are they really that stupid?

I’m really glad I ditched them when I did…honestly.

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