Well, what can I say.
I got a Final Account statement in the mail today. Dated for the 19th of May(one month after the first bill).

How odd? I thought to myself, I must clear this up.
I call, wander through the voice activated service of poo that they have, get to the destination, and get hung up on.
Hmmm, must be a glitch. I tell myself, I should try this again.
I repeat my last steps and unfortunatly, with the same conclusion.
Hmmm, this is rather bothersom. I tell myself, maybe the third time is lucky.
I wander through their little mine field of crap and Whola, a person is at the end!

I say dear woman, it appears that I have received a Final Account notice in the post, can you please explaine to me what this is all about?
That is truely odd sir, I do not show a Final Account in your personal information, there must be some mistake.
I should say that there is. Please look into this.
I will sir, just one moment while I play some soothing music in the background.
Thank you Mum.
Sir, oh Sir, it appears that you had requested that your account be disconnected and reconnected, is this true?
Yes my dear lady, I often want to trouble myself with the Telophony service, and so I ordered my connection to be severed and reconnected….I’m sorry, that’s just my little attempt at humor. No mum, I didn’t ask for it to be disconnected or reconnected.
How strange sir, it clearly shows that you did.
I assure you mum, that is not the case. You see, the residents here before me had an account, I asked for it to be severed(some time ago) and my own telophony line to be placed here instead. And sadly, I then received a notice in the post that it would be again disconected, I cleared all that up with another chap, and then this notice. I do say that I am nearing my last nerve.
I understand sir, and we are truely sorry for that.
I should hope so. Tell me, does this reconnection that you speak of incure the standard cost? For I will not be paying that.
It probably will sir, but I will make a full note about this and make sure that you do not receive that cost.
I should hope so.
Yes sir, I am sure of it.

Then I hung up.
What’s kinda funny about this is, in the middle of writing it, I get a call from one of those public opinion thingys, asking about telecommunications. Sure, I’ll answer a few questions.
How satisfied are you with your local tellephone provider? Very dissatisfied.

I swear to god, if I get a second of inturruption with my net access again, I’m going to fire bomb their head office.

On the upside, the AC works and hasn’t caught fire….yet.

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