Best laid plans

Yesterday I bought a used Blackberry. Tomorrow I’m gonna sell it.
This is what happens when you do 0 research into buying something.
Apparently I need a special BB account with Rogers in order to do things like send/receive email.
Knowing that, and knowing that I’m not going to get said account, let’s go over the other positives that the BB offers me:
1. qwerty keyboard

That’s it.
What am I loosing?
1. speaker phone
2. custom ring tones
3. easy functions
4. Camera

That doesn’t make the BB worth it in my book.
Oh well, it was only $100, and I’m sure I can get that much for it.

The next time I’m thinking of doing something like this, someone remind me that I’m an idiot 😀


  1. scottdkp

    And its not like you don’t have 1000 friends who own blackberries who you could have relied on for said information? Shame on you 😛


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