Better early than dead

Seems that there’s a rather large storm headed our way, so instead of leaving at midnight, we’re going to leave pretty much right after work.
Well, right after work for me, which is 5:30.

Not so bad, odds are I wouldn’t have slept anyway, so now I have to worry about sorta resting at work, not using too much energy and not drinking too much coffee. I don’t want to get my fill and then REALLY be needing it at odd hours.

I should really get the directions from Jim, but he’s going to be my trusty navigator.
We’re all gonna die….

In only 24 short hours I’ll be on my way to sunny Florida.
I’ve been told that it’ll be raining the first day we get there. No problem, don’t have to shovel rain. And if you do then you have bigger things to worry about.

Attempting to drain the rechargable batteries for the digital camera, this way I have fresh ones for the trip. Of course I’ll be bringing the charger and the laptop so I can upload every night.

Not that I really suspect I’ll be taking that many pictures, but it’s nice to have the option.

My how the brain gets sidetracked. I was in bed before I realized that I still had this post open.
Guess my mind is all over the place.

Got the power inverter thingy from my brother, not to mention 25 genuine Cuban cigars, direct from the source ^_^

They smell wonderful, and for only $50!

Not going to bring those to the states ^_^

Well, I should probably hit the hay, since I was just there and all.

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow….

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