big dish

Waiting at home for the Bell dude to show up.
8-12 is the window, and you just know that it’ll be 11:30 before they show up.
Not a big deal really, it hasn’t been busy at work, and really, I’m not even sure if we’ve officially started on the new team yet.
We’re still trying to get things installed and running into little glitches in the docs.
Oh well, that’s the point I guess, learn the new stuff so that I can support it.
I really wonder what kind of questions will be showing up.

I don’t think Quake 4 will run just right in Linux. I’ve changed the graphic level through all the different levels, and the game looks just the same.
It plays fine, it just doesn’t look as good as it could.
And there seems to be a slight sound issue, but nothing that I wouldn’t be able to deal with.

Apparently the GaoGaiGar DVD is finally available, however doesn’t have it shipping yet.
I suppose if I found it at FS or BB(good luck) I could still cancel.
But the odds aren’t really all that good.

Dish dude is here!


  1. sidekickca

    And a little worse all at the same time.

    For some strange reason, and this could be a time thing, I can’t search for shows much more than an hour in advance. Now this isn’t true with all channels, just the ones I want to watch.

    However, it has this neat little “favorites” thing where I can actually set up lists of channels that get displayed on the guide thing. Pretty cool.

    And it turns out that I can in fact watch the Food network all day…


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