Big O

First 5 episodes, and I REALLY like it.
It has that Cowboy Beebop feel to it, but it’s a giant, actually Super, Robot series.
The reason I say Super instead of Giant is the feel of the show.
Giant Robot shows, like Gundam and Macross, are excellent shows with ‘realistic’ mecha. They don’t have any special powers or finishing moves or stuff like that.
Super Robots DO!
Mazinger, Getter Robo, GRENDIZER, they are Super robots!
Not at all based in reality, they seemingly pull weapons and super powers out of thier ass!
And it’s GREAT! Just plain old, Saturday morning kind of fun!
That’s why I think Big O is more of a Super Robot series. Nothing seems to follow basic phyiscs laws, he has ‘super’ powers or finishing moves, and the show just has that fun feel to it.
I look forward to seeing more. I only have 8 more to go, and then I will be sad because I have no more.
But I’m sure I can rent it somewhere….


  1. SideKick

    It’s been one of those series that I’ve been meaning to watch, just never got off my butt to do so.And not really ASSCANNONS, although I’m sure I can find some of that stuff if you REALLY want me to. ^_^

  2. aelfric amused

    ASSCANNONS. That’s the appeal, right? Now I don’t know about you (really!) but I can understand, say, the appeal of Trinity concealing weapons about her person, but giant robots with howitzers in their asses? This is verging on the psychotic 😉

  3. Darcy

    Big O rocks! I feel bad for not forcing you to watch it sooner. 😛


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