Big old Baby Update

The last few days have been pretty rocky and full of ups and downs.

Tara is in the hospital, and will probably remain there for about a week(or longer).

Here’s what’s going on in point form, then I’ll give more details:

  • Tara has been to triage 3 times, and this time for a raging bladder(or similar) infection
  • She has been told she needs 7 days of IV antibiotics
  • After that, they will assess, and probably Liam will be delivered
  • Baby is in no obvious signs of distress and seems to be all happy and the like

So that’s the short, wanted to let everyone know that, all things considered, baby and Mom are alright.

Now the longer details.

We first took Tara to triage when she had some bleeding. This was roughly 2:30am one fine Friday morning. We got all checked in and after a little while the bleeding had stopped. They did the usual; take blood, check pressure, monitor baby(this was the first time we did this) and ask a ton of questions. Then we sat, and sat and waited. We had an ultrasound appointment that day anyway, so they just let us wait for that. We did the ultrasound, everything was fine, we saw the doctor, he said she likely had a bladder infection. Take these pills for 7 days and then go back on the other pills. We went home and slept.

Last Tuesday, around lunch time, Tara had bleeding again, so off to triage we went. Well, apparently everyone else and their dog had the same idea, as it was crazy busy. So much so that I don’t think we actually saw a doctor until we decided to check out at 10:30pm. In retrospect, this might have been a bad idea, but I don’t recall them saying that she had any kind of infection.

We saw the doctor at our usual appointment that Friday, and she gave Tara an injection of a steroid to help with the baby’s progress as it was very likely that he would be early.

Well, Tuesday rolls around again, and Tara is just not feeling great at all. No bleeding this time but she can’t keep anything down and has a fever and higher blood pressure. Off to triage. Lucky for us this time it isn’t busy, the doctor see’s her quickly and we’re admitted into a private room. They start her with IV fluids and antibiotics and give her some pain killers. At around midnight I leave as she’s asleep and looks peaceful.

Well, apparently through the night her fever spiked, and she didn’t sleep well at all. I get there in the morning and she’s worse than when I left her. At this time we see our regular doctor, she puts her on 7 days of IV antibiotics and tells us that it’s very likely that Liam will be delivered next week. This just puts us into a tailspin of emotions and I don’t think it’s fully set in yet to be honest.

Yesterday was all about tests(mostly useless) and checking on her all the time. I only left to do some grocery shopping, back some additional things and shower. I went back last night and Tara was still in some pain and with a fever, but at least was able to sleep.

So I left and slept.

This morning I get a call from her, and apparently the night nurse felt it helpful to wake her every 3o minutes for one thing or another. Really? Every 30 minutes? How the hell is she supposed to recover if she can’t even bloody well sleep! And now we’re told that she has to change rooms. While we don’t have coverage for a private room, I’m more than willing to pay extra for one if it’s available. Otherwise we’re going to try and fit for some home care.

So it’s been a rough couple of days. The antibiotics don’t actually seem to be doing much, she still has a fever, and now she’s unable to sleep because people don’t leave her alone.

I have a weekly parking pass now and will be seeing her at lunch and after work and all weekend.

I want to take this time though to thank my parents for taking care of the other children while we’re in hospital, and to my brother for offering any assistance that we can ask for. Not to forget my mother in law, while on the other side of the country, will drop everything and fly out to do what she can, and for being in constant contact. Without great family this rough time would be impossible.


  1. Sarah

    Hi Bill. Thanx for the update. You are both in our thoughts. Soon you will be parents and everything will return to normal (well, normal for having a newborn that is). Cheers! And tell those nurses to effoff, your wife is trying to rest!

  2. Sonya & Mike

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for keeping the family up to date. Poor Tara (& you)! We hope that she gets better quickly and gets some much needed rest! Please know that you, Tara and sweet little Liam will be in our prayers. You tell him to stay put and enjoy the good life! 🙂

  3. Matt

    Hey Bill,

    Hope all travels as smoothly as possible until the big day!

    A rough ride to be sure, but it’ll get better.

    All the best!


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