Birthday Money

At what point should one stop referring to is as ‘birthday money’? 37? Nope Winking smile

My parents and Tara’s family were very generous this year with sending me some happy birthday money, and I’ve already gone through 25% of it. Which, sadly, is pretty easy these days. I got some stuff for the iPhone including a blue tooth car kit, something I’ve wanted for a little while now. Hey, it was $16, so it’s going to be super great right?


But I have to be honest when I say I love getting birthday money. It makes me giddy, and tends to burn a whole through my pocket.

But as I’m getting older, I wonder how I should spend it. Should I get something useful, or just blow it on junk?

I think this year I did kinda both. It could be useful junk!

And now that it’s out of my system, I’ll save the rest for Iron Maiden!

Unless something else catches my eye. I mean, it’s more than a month away, this kind of money has a way of spending itself Open-mouthed smile

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